Mine to Love Carrier Play Set

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  • Adjustable cloth baby carrier for stuffed animals and dolls up to 18 inches; sturdy high-quality construction with reinforced border bindings
  • Includes butterfly rattle, baby bottle, stuffed toy bear, reusable double-sided activity card
  • Machine washable carrier can be worn in the front or back, with "baby" facing forward or backward
  • Mine to Love accessories encourage empathy and help kids express themselves as they explore grown-up roles and responsibilities
  • Ages 3+; dolls/stuffed animals not included
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • DIFFERENT WAYS TO CARRY: Newborns find it comforting to ride in their carriers on a grown-up's chest, facing in; as they "grow," try switching the carrier so baby faces out to see the world, or rides piggy-back on hikes through the woods!

  • DAILY PLANNER: Baby's days are always busy! Create a schedule that includes meals, naps, playtime, baths, story time, walks, travel, and other activities.

  • TELL A TALE: Tell a story about where baby is going in the carrier today. Perhaps you're running errands or going to the park. What is the weather like, who does baby meet, and what sights does baby see along the way?

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